Men’s Prayer Breakfast for April 13, 2019

Men of Seaview!

A warm greeting to all of you! Just a reminder here that Pastor David will be sharing this Saturday. We’ll be meeting as usual in the SVBC Fellowship Hall at 8:30 am.

Please join us for a hearty breakfast and great fellowship. Bring a friend.
Contact  Gary Willis or Brett Higdon for more information or to offer help

Saturday, Nov 10th
8:30 AM
SVBC Fellowship Hall
Breakfast served

Silver Spur Men’s Retreat 2012

Men…This is a great way to reconnect with other men, learn from God’s Word through guest speaker Jeff Mazzariello, and worship the Lord with Chris Bohrman. SOLA…Live out your faith in Christ through grace and according to Scripture in order to give glory to God alone. Please register TODAY. Cost is $151 per person. Be sure to let them know you belong to the Sea View Baptist Church group. For inquiries, see Charlie Smithson, Jeff Anderberg, or Patricia Relatado.

Silver Spur Men’s Retreat
SEPT 21-23 (Fri–Sun)
Tuolumne, CA